‘The Hurt Locker’ Upsets with Stunning PGA Win

In an unexpected turn of events, Kathryn Bigelow’s gleaming yet gritty war film The Hurt Locker topped the James Cameron favorite Avatar to snatch the coveted Best Picture award at the prestigious Producers Guild Awards earlier today.

The box office sci-fi behemoth was the clear frontrunner heading into today’s ceremonies following a big win at the Golden Globes a week ago, with the PGAs historically favoring money making hits over smaller, more critically acclaimed films. This undoubtedly makes the race for the Best Picture Oscar a LOT tighter, with the award most likely going down to the wire between the ex-spouses.

Best Animated Film on the other hand went to Pixar’s Up and Best Documentary Feature was awarded to the dolphin massacre expose The Cove.

Avatar and The Hurt Locker lead in a strong field rounded up by Up in the Air, Inglourious Basterds and Precious. The films face off once again in next week’s Directors Guild Awards.


One Response to “‘The Hurt Locker’ Upsets with Stunning PGA Win”

  1. I didnt see hurt locker but i watched avatar and here is my views:-

    The graphics, camera works editing were absolutely stunning. But somehow I had to keep myself from falling asleep in some portion of movie (don’t curse meJ). Maybe it looking good isn’t what makes interesting and exciting me. All the time you can see every moment coming 5 minutes before it happened.

    Again avatar, I still believe that budget he could have got can better realistic subject than this. Also the similar plot has discussed already in a movie called “Dances with Wolves”. I do agree with few ppl comments abt Pandora life, which is amazine no doubt abt that..but It also take u a feeling of watching a fancy cartoon rather than a serious subject and the problem I do have is when there is so much of it, which I get distracted from the movie itself…It doesnt mean that I dont like the movie with substance but it shld register in your mind freely ….guys wht do u think abt this movie…??


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