Sherlock Holmes (B)

Is it just me or is Robert Downey, Jr. somewhat channeling his own incarnation of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow in his turn as the detective turned action hero Sherlock Holmes?

Downey may be giving Depp a run for his money but certainly not the luster – Guy Ritchie’s latest flick is a kinetic rebirth for the famous spy from the land of Great Britain, a harrowing adventure worthy of a classic Holmes tale but certainly not as jaw-dropping as the previews may suggest.

Following the exploits of the arrogant yet eccentric Arthur Conan Doyle character together with his compatriot Dr. John Watson, played quite marvelously by the underrated Jude Law, the film takes us on a wild goose chase with the two racing to solve the mystery of an occult murderer. Rachel McAdams joins in on the fun as the lovely Irene Adler who’s romantic past with Holmes may have big implications on their destinies.

The film chiefly succeeds because of the strength of the performances, and rightfully so – Holmes is as memorable as ever thanks to the resurgence of Downey and Law’s Watson is undoubtedly his perfect counterpart. Mark Strong on the other hand delivers another enigmatically solid performance as the evil Lord Blackwood.

Though the two leads’ chemistry is an absolute joy to watch onscreen, Sherlock Holmes falls victim to many of the typical plotlines that pervade most clue-gathering and case-solving adventures. With Guy Ritchie’s flawed if not commendable guidance after his muddled crime thriller RocknRolla, Downey and Law have their hearts in the right place – to present nothing but cinematic energy.


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