USC Scripter Nominees Announced

District 9 continues to pick up steam heading into the Directors Guild nominations on Thursday with its strong showing at the USC Scripter nominations, not to mention its PGA mention as revealed yesterday. The Scripters annually recognize five adapted screenplays and their authors.

An eventual DGA nod could propel the Neill Blomkamp film to certain Oscar center stage.

“Crazy Heart” – Fox Searchlight Pictures
Scott Cooper, screenwriter
Thomas Cobb, author

“District 9” – Tri-Star Pictures
Neill Blomkamp, screenwriter and author
Terri Tatchell, screenwriter

“An Education” – Sony Pictures Classics
Nick Hornby, screenwriter
Lynn Barber, author

“Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” – Lionsgate
Geoffrey Fletcher, screenwriter
Sapphire, author

“Up in the Air” – Paramount Pictures
Jason Reitman, screenwriter
Sheldon Turner, screenwriter
Walter Kirn, author


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