Moon (A)

Moon is probably the antithesis of everything James Cameron set out to do with Avatar, but it is no less potent than the blockbuster visual effects extravaganza, and quite possibly maybe even more heartfelt.

Duncan Jones’s feature film debut is a sci-fi masterclass and ranks among the year’s best genre outings Star Trek and District 9. The film does have though the most chilling and the most psychological of roots among all of its counterparts, and will certainly make Stanley Kubrick proud.

Sam Rockwell is a beast in this film, delivering the finest hour of his career playing astronaut Sam Bell who gets caught in a whirlwind of confusion and hallucination after he gets involved in an accident during his routine mining. His tour de force is undoubtedly what drives the film’s one and a half hour running time, similar to that of Tom Hanks’s outstanding performance in Cast Away.

The sci-fi thriller is based on an original concept by Jones and holds up as one of the most engrossing pieces in the genre. Its subtle commentaries on human nature and its reliance on technology is taken to a whole new level, transcending the basic intricacies of cinema and bringing it close to home, making us feel what Sam feels and making us connect to the film’s characters.

Duncan Jones has proven that he is a skillful storyteller and a master visual linguist. With Moon, it can be safe to say that 2009 has truly been a landmark year for science fiction moviemaking.


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