Hathaway Possibly in Line for ‘Spidey 4’

Deadline Hollywood reports that Anne Hathaway is rumored to be auditioning for the role of Black Cat in Sony’s continuation of the Sam Raimi series in Spider-man 4, after talk of Rachel McAdams and Julia Stiles taking on the character previously invaded the internet.

While Sony Pictures insists no decisions have been made, sources tell me that the producers have approached Anne Hathaway to star in the film. Maybe you experts have an idea what she’ll play? All I know is that she’s wanted for a starring role, and she won’t replace Kirsten Dunst who’s also cast in the Spidey fourquel.


7 Responses to “Hathaway Possibly in Line for ‘Spidey 4’”

  1. you have got to be the prettiest woman i have ever seen!!! (besides my mother,, of course)

  2. keiichi kamekura Says:

    Anne Hathaway is very beautiful.

  3. Lorne Chadwell Says:

    Im so glad I’ve never had the chance of turning your head….i know you would destroy me, but wow! what a ride!

  4. H! wat up

  5. mohammad Says:


  6. she is the girl of my dreams…. very beautiful…. so sexy

  7. Anne Hathaway first of all i would like to appriciate you.now i would like to know about you many things that is why i wrote this letter please send me an e mail.Thanks yours

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