Jennifer’s Body (D)

Jennifer's BodyYou can’t expect Diablo Cody to hit all the right notes two consecutive times, especially coming off her deserving yet possibly premature Oscar-winning screenplay for the widely loved Juno. Yes, she stole hearts the last time – and now she tries to eat them, monstrously even, and devoid of any human emotion.

I guess you can’t expect much from her pairing up with Aeon Flux director Karyn Kusama, thus bringing us to the conclusion that maybe Jason Reitman was the genius behind Ellen Page and her star-turning character. But that’s besides the point, and whether or not you have a high-profile writer and a certified useless lead actress in Megan Fox, the fact remains that Jennifer’s Body is a dud – lifeless and meaningless.

This does not go to say that I didn’t enjoy the film because as I always say, entertainment is a wholly different story. Who doesn’t get a kick out of seeing an incredibly hot cheerleader turning into a flesh-eating demon after being sacrificed by a bunch of Satan-worshipping band members. The film is blessed with sparkles of potential here and there, of course with the always charming Amanda Seyfried, but in its entirety it’s simply trying too desperately to be cool.

Replicating the success of your first film is one thing, but simply rehashing worn out one-liners, plucking out limbs and having your two lead women make out just won’t cut it.

Tomorrow I’ll go catch 500 Days of Summer instead – which should be 500 times more engaging and original.


One Response to “Jennifer’s Body (D)”

  1. Yeah, 500 Days of Summer is really worth it if I may say so myself 😀

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