James Horner’s ‘Avatar’ score is “epic”

AvatarThe last time James Horner and James Cameron worked together was for their Oscar-winning box office titan Titanic. According to Fox Music VP Mike Knobloch over at this link, the score for their next collaboration, the highly anticipated Avatar, is both “epic” and “highly cinematic”.

It’s a brilliantly unique blend of traditional and contemporary, electronic elements and spans the entire spectrum of attitude and energy – from bombastic action to the delicate, romantic discovery of a new world.

[There] is a great deal of acoustic and electronic rhythmic elements driving the score and vocalists singing and chanting in the fictional Na’vi dialect. Horner is doing a brilliant job of creating music that transports us to another world, but supports the film using the traditional orchestral conventions to make a sound that’s hugely cinematic.

Here’s to hoping the hype isn’t all just hype! Avatar is set for a December 2009 release.


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