PAST POPCORN: Run Lola Run (B)

Run Lola RunBefore Franka Potente shared the limelight with Matt Damon in the first installment of the universally acclaimed Bourne trilogy, her early career was marked by smaller independent cinema from her homeland of Germany, one of which was the Sundance Audience Award-winning 1998 film Run Lola Run (French title: Lola rennt).

Director Tom Tykwer (The International), skillfully weaves this high-concept and highly stylized thriller which tells the story of Lola (Potente), and her boyfriend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) who needs to retrieve 100,000 Deutsche Marks before noon.

What’s so amazing about this particular film is its blazing cinematography and relentless editing, both of which frantically gear itself to gain its audiences’ attention. We journey through the mind of Lola and ultimately find ourselves breathless at the film’s conclusion with its precise conciseness and brevity.

The technical magnificence and innovation of the film almost fully forgives its tacky script as well as its slightly disjointed direction that somewhat left me itching for a little more emotional attachment to the characters.

That being said however, Run Lola Run is nonetheless a highly entertaining and refreshing piece of work and reminds us that there is truly an entire world of cinema waiting for us outside of Hollywood.


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