Pandorum (B)

PandorumMost people won’t take the time out to see Pandorum because of its lackluster marketing campaign, or possibly because of the lack of few recognizable stars. The fact still remains that in the quiet movie season that follows the traditional May-August onslaught of high profile blockbusters, there are still some rousing pieces of entertainment that sprout around here and there and Pandorum is no exception.

The relatively unknown German director Christian Alvart takes on the reins in this sci-fi horror flick that stars Dennis Quaid (G.I. Joe) and Ben Foster (X-Men: The Last Stand) as two astronauts who wake up from years of hibernation only to find out that their crew is missing and that mysterious happenings have been occurring in their absence.

Pandorum is wholly a genre exercise and will please fans of this certain kind of film. Apart from the fine amount of gore, the staggering shock-till-you-drop moments, and the intense action, what makes the film most entertaining is its knack for maintaining a keen sense of tension throughout. It takes itself seriously, and to great avail – Pandorum is no pushover.

It makes itself known that yes, we know that this is sci-fi/horror nonsense and that much of our plotholes won’t matter anyway – we don’t care about that and we never will. If we get you shouting on the edge of your seats giddily awaiting for the next creature to appear, we’ve done our part.

Think Underworld meets Resident Evil and you’ve got yourself something great to enjoy with your friends. Pandorum is a taut and visceral claustrophobic nightmare that leaves you breathless throughout, a heart-stopping entry into the genre.

Oh, you just gotta love space travel.


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