Adventureland (A)


Adventureland is as pitch-perfect as adult comedies get and Greg Mottola has confirmed his debut Superbad with an equally refreshing, entertaining and thoroughly heartwarming romp.

Telling of the misadventures of postgraduate student James (Jesse Eisenberg) in the summer 1987, we see him struggling to fund his trip to New York by working in a local amusement park in his hometown of Pittsburgh. There he encounters a wide array of characters including the apparently adulterous Mike Connell and the park’s heartthrob Lisa P.

He most significantly deals with his bubbling relationship with Kristen Stewart’s Emily and the interweaving of the different characters’ storylines.

Mottola seems to be on cruise control in this film, with each scene effortlessly moving from one to the other in a hilarious and at the same time relaxing film ride. Also, any doubters of Stewart’s acting prowess from her Twilight films should take time out to see this one – Adventureland not only dispels any concern over her but also pushes her to the top of her game. She is definitely a young actress to look out for.

In vein of today’s preference for Judd Apatow-produced material, or anything that strikes a similar chord, audiences will be pleased to find out that this is truly a wild ride around the Merry-Go-Round with many sights and sounds to appreciate.

Adventureland brings a smile to the face and is definitely a keeper.


One Response to “Adventureland (A)”

  1. i was scanning this a while ago. will see the entire film soon

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